Your dashboard posts carousel is the best place to highlight your most important news and announcements. The carousel gives you complete control over the branding and timing of your news, making it easy to manage your internal communications. Let's dive in!

About the Dashboard Posts Carousel

As you're getting started with your carousel, there are a few essential details to keep in mind:

  • The carousel only contains post content, it can not house events or resource pages.

  • Only workspace admins and post admins can elevate content to the carousel. Learn more about admin roles.

  • Posts can be added to the carousel in the publishing flow or after a post has been published.

  • Posts can be removed from the carousel manually or on a scheduled date.

  • The carousel comes in three sizes—large, medium (pictured below), and small. Learn more about customizing your dashboard.

Adding a Post to the Carousel in the Publishing Flow

As you're creating your post, you'll find the carousel options in your post's settings.

1. Click the cog at the bottom of your post

2. Toggle on the Carousel setting

3. Choose how long you'd like your post to remain in the carousel by setting a date in the Until box.

4. Click the Preview Carousel text to the right or the Until box to preview how your carousel background will look. If you'd added a Cover Image to your post, you'll see it displayed. If you have not, your background will be pulled from the main color in your workspace settings.

5. Use the slider at the bottom of the preview window (you may need to scroll down to see it!) to adjust the brightness of your carousel background. We suggest using a cover image that's relatively un-busy, free of text or visual noise.

6. Click Save when you're happy with your carousel settings.

7. Continue editing your post as usual. Learn more about your posting settings here.

8. When ready, publish your post! Your post will be added to the carousel with the settings you configured.

Adding a Post to the Carousel After It's Been Published

If you'd like like to add a post that has already been published, you can easily do so within the post's settings:

1. Find the published post you'd like to add to the carousel

2. Turn on the Carousel toggle and configure your seeings as needed. See the section above for full details on these settings.

3. Click Save. Your post will be added to the carousel with the settings you configured.

Manually Removing a Post From the Carousel

Follow these steps in removing a post from the Carousel:

1. First, click on the Post from the Carousel or navigate to the Group that the post lives in.

2. Click on the three dots next to the comment button.

3. Click on Settings.

4. Toggle off the button next to Display in Home Carousel and click Save.

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