Your Haystack dashboard is your company's internal front page, the first stop in your employees' day, and the first impression for your new hires. Our customization toolset makes it easy to organize the dashboard cards to your liking, hide the cards that don't make sense for your content strategy, and adjust the size of your post carousel.

Getting to Know Your Dashboard

Your dashboard is made up of a number of unique cards, each of which houses different information and activity from across your workspace.

The cards available to you are listed below. We add to your card library frequently, so check your workspace for the latest updates.

  • Featured Post Carousel: Showcase featured posts (in sizes small, medium, and large)

  • Recent Posts: See recent posts from your groups

  • Upcoming Events: See upcoming events from your groups

  • Name Game: Put names to faces and climb the leaderboard

  • Upcoming Anniversaries: See and celebrate upcoming work anniversaries

  • Upcoming Birthdays: See and celebrate upcoming birthdays

  • New Hires: Get to know new hires

  • Links: See important links set by workspace admins

  • Resources: See top resources from your All Company group

  • Static Card: Add a title and text

  • Banner: This scrolling, narrow banner is a perfect place for VIP announcements.

  • Static Image: Showcase a static image on your dashboard (in sizes small, medium, and large)

  • Map Location: A map-view card focused on the address of your choice

  • Featured Events: A scrollable list of events featured by workspace admins

  • Featured Group: Highlight and showcase a group from your workspace

  • Featured Person: Highlight and showcase a team member from your workspace

  • Countdown: A countdown for an upcoming event

  • Event Calendar: See upcoming events from your groups

  • Search Card: Search for any content across the workspace

It's important to note that only workspace admins can customize the dashboard. Dashboard customizations are identical for all users and visible to all users in your workspace.

Adding Dashboard Cards

To add cards to your dashboard...

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click the Add Card button

  2. From the card library, choose the card you'd like to add. Note that some cards can be added multiple times, like the static card.

Hiding Dashboard Cards

To hide cards from your dashboard...

  1. Click the three-dot button at the top right of the card you'd like to remove.

  2. Select Hide from the dropdown

Resizing Dashboard Cards

Some cards on your dashboard can be resized to your liking. You'll see these cards marked in your card library with an S M or L.

  • S means 1/3 width of the dashboard

  • M means 2/3 width of the dashboard

  • L means the full width of the dashboard

To resize the cards that offer this option...

  1. Click the three-dot button at the top right corner of the card you'd like to resize.

  2. Select small, medium, or large from the dropdown

Rearranging Dashboard Cards

You can rearrange the cards so that they appear in the order that you'd like them to appear. To do so, simply drag and drop:

  • Click down on your mouse on a card from the dashboard and drag and drop the card in the order you'd like. You are able to drag and drop the cards vertically and horizontally to rearrange on the dashboard as well.

  • Cards in motion will appear transparent until dropped into place.

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