Haystack posts are a wonderful way to share news, announcements, company newsletters, internal press releases, regular department updates, memos from your executive team, and more! Posts can be shared with the full company or with a specific group. Here's how:

Draft your post.

1. Click the Create button in the page header, next to your account dropdown.

2. Click Create Post in the create modal.

3. Select the audience for your post. You'll see the option to share your post Company Wide or with a specific audience. The Other Audiences section directly correlates to your Haystack groups. Posts shared to these specific audiences will be housed in that group. Scroll to the bottom and click Continue.

4. Use the composition form to draft your post.

  • You'll see the ability to add a title, subtitle, and header image.

  • You can also edit the post author and the audience if needed.

  • Use the post body space to add text, file and image embeds, tables, links to Haystack resources, and more. Learn more about using the editor here.

Configure advanced options.

1. When you're happy with your content, use the bottoms on the bottom left of the screen to configure your advance options (if needed).

2. Click the Cover Image button to add a header image to your post.

3. Click the Megaphone button to turn on the broadcast feature, which will force instance notifications for all users when your post is published. Keep in mind, only admins can access these settings.

4. Click the Settings Cog button to feature the post in the homepage carousel, customize the author, and disable reactions. Keep in mind, only admins can access these settings.

Publish your post.

5. When your post is complete, simply click Publish! Easy as that.

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