Haystack's drafting tools make it easy to work on your content in pieces, save for later, and publish when you're ready.

Saving and Managing Drafts for Post and Events

When creating new posts or events, you'll have the option to save your content as a draft at any time. Here's how...

  1. When creating your post or event you're welcome to save it as a draft at any time.

  2. At the bottom right corner of your drafting window, click the arrow symbol to the right of the publish button.

  3. Select Save Draft and your content will be saved for you to revisit later.

When you're ready to revisit, edit, and publish your post or event draft, you can easily access them again by viewing your drafts manager. Here's how...

  1. Click the arrow symbol to the right of the create button at the top righthand corner of your page.

  2. Select Drafts from the dropdown.

  3. On the Manage Drafts modal, use the three-dot buttons to continue editing or delete your drafts.

Saving and Managing Drafts for Pages

Unlike posts and events, pages do not have a drafting tool β€” instead, they can be published as a private page (which only you as the author can see!) and then edited to be added to a group when you're ready to share.

If you're working on drafting a page, we'd suggest following these steps.

  1. Create a private page and add your content β€” effectively, using your private page as a draft for your content. Learn more about creating and managing private pages.

  2. Continue editing your private page however needed until you're ready to share it with your audience.

  3. When you're ready to share add your private page to a group, which will make it visible to the group's members. Learn more about creating resource pages here.

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