Haystack resource pages are a wonderful way to share company information, documentation, processes & procedures, and more. Resource pages can be shared with the full company or with a specific group.

Resource Page Nesting

Resource pages have four levels of nesting depth (parent page, child page, grandchild page, and great-grandchild page) so you can best house and organize your content. You'll see options throughout your resource creation and management tools to manage this nesting.

Creating a Resource Page from the Universal Create Button

  1. Click the Create button in your page header and select Create Resource.

  2. Select the group in which you'd like to house your resource.

  3. Add your title and resource page content.

  4. Use the settings at the bottom to add a cover photo and configure your page settings. Learn more about featured pages and verified pages.

  5. Click Publish

Creating a Resource Page from a Resource Index

Sometimes, it may be easier to create new pages right from your resource page indexes. We often find this to be the case when creating and organizing your nested pages.

  1. Visit your Resources landing page.

  2. Navigate to the index page of your choice, either the landing page of the All Resource page.

  3. As you navigate through your indexes, you'll see +Add Page buttons throughout. Use these buttons to create new pages as needed. When you use these buttons, the audience and nesting will be auto-configured in the page settings for you.

  4. Add content and publish your page as usual!

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