If you're a content owner, sometimes you'd like to publish news without notifying your teams. We're excited to introduce silent publishing, which makes this possible.

When a post is published with the silent publish toggle turned on:

  • No email notifications about this post will be sent, no matter your users' email notification preferences. This includes daily and weekly digest emails. Read more about notifications here.

  • No mobile notifications about this post will be sent, no matter your users' mobile notification preferences.

Keep in mind that only workspace admins and post admins are able to use the override notification settings, which include silent publish and broadcast tools.

How to use the silent publish tool.

  1. Click the Create button in the page header, next to your account dropdown.

  2. Click Create Post in the create modal.

  3. Select the audience for your post. Select the group or use the search bar to search for the group.

  4. Enter in a title and type in your content. Then at the bottom click on the broadcast icon next to Cover Image.

5. Next to Silent Publish, toggle the button to turn it on and then click Save.

6. Complete and publish your post as usual.

Silent publishing is currently available for posts only, but soon will be coming to events and resources. Stay tuned!

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