Types of Users in Your Workspace

In your workspace, there are three primary user types—each representing a unique account status:

Active Users. Active users are users who have signed into the workspace at least once and have active accounts.

  • Access to the workspace? Yes

  • Receive notifications? Yes

Unclaimed Users. Unclaimed users are users who have been invited or provisioned into your workspace but have not yet signed into their account.

  • Access to the workspace? Yes

  • Receive notifications? Yes

  • Note: When an unclaimed user clicks through a notification they will be prompted to activate their account. This allows workspace admins to share information will all workspace members, regardless of their active status.

Deactivated Users. Deactivated users are users who have been removed from the workspace and can no longer access their accounts.

  • Access to the workspace? No

  • Receive notifications? No

Accessing & Managing Your Workspace User Lists

How to access the Manage People page to manage users types:

  1. Open your account menu at the top right corner of your window and select Admin console from the drop-down

  2. To the left side select Manage People

On the screen, you will see a search bar to search for any users, search the users role by clicking on the dropdown and use the status drop-down which will have options to look for active, deactivated, and unclaimed users.

How to deactivate a user:

  1. Click on the three-dot button to the right of the screen and a drop down will appear with the option to deactivate account. You will then see the user status will say deactivated.

Note: If your team is using a single sign-on tool (ex: Okta or Azure) for provisioning, your SSO tool will hand deactivations for you.

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