Each group in your workspace comes with a unique set of settings so that you can configure group details, assets, content, and permission as needed. Note: To manage a group's settings, you must be an admin or group owner.

Editing a Group's Settings

To configure group ownership, posting permissions, and more, each group has a unique settings menu where you can manage these details.

1. Navigate to the group you'd like to edit.

2. Click the cog settings button at the top right corner of your group.

3. Use the Permissions Settings tab to determine visibility and permissions.

  • Public groups can be seen by all users in the workspace. Private groups can only be seen by invited members and admins.

4. Use the General Settings tab to configure the group name, alias, category, and visual assets.

5. Use the Members tab to add and remove group owners and members.

6. Click Update at the bottom of the modal to save your changes.

Completing a Group's Details

The groups in your workspace are rich with detail fields so you can share as much info as possible with your employees.

1. Navigate to the group you'd like to edit.

2. Use the edit buttons throughout to add group info, visual assets, contact info, helpful links, and more.

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