Assigning Group Owners to a Group
Group owner's have the responsibility of creating and maintaining content within the group.
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Group owners are essential when it comes to the group content as they are key to making sure the content is not only current but informs everyone what is important to a specific group.

Group Owner Permissions

Group owners have a few special permissions that allow them to effectively manage a group. Group owners have the ability to:

  • Edit the group's settings

  • Edit a group's Description and Ask Us About information

  • Add and remove group members

  • Assign group owners

  • Create content within the group if group permissions allow

  • Edit and delete content within the group if group permissions allow

  • Configure the group dashboard if the group permissions allow

  • Connect a group to a Slack and Microsoft Team channel if those integrations are configured in the Admin Console

How to Assign a Group Owner

  1. Navigate to the group in which you'd like to assign a group owner.

  2. Click on the downward arrow in the group header and click on Settings.

  3. Click on Members.

    Click on Members
  4. Search or scroll to find the member you'd like to make a group owner.

  5. Click on the three dots on the member name.

  6. Select Make Owner. You will see the user role change from Member to Owner.

For more information about managing a group, take a peek here: Managing a Group

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