Haystack provides you the option to make a group and its content open to all members or private to specific members. This allows members to view what information pertains to them.

Group Visibility Options

Groups in your workspace have two visibility options:

  • Open Groups: Open groups and the content within them are visible to all members of your workspace. All workspace members can join an open group, which will push updates from the group to their dashboard, feeds, and notifications.

  • Secret Groups: Secret groups and the content within them are only visible to members who have been invited to the group. Non-members won't even see that the group exists in the workspace. Workspace members must be invited to the group to receive updates on their dashboard, feeds, and notifications. Secret groups will be marked with a lock icon throughout the platform.

    *Note: Workspace admins always have access to all groups, including secret groups, no matter their member status.

Configure Group Visibility Settings

To configure the visibility settings within a group, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the group in which you'd like to configure group visibility settings.

2. Click on the downward arrow next to the notifications bell and select Settings.

Click on Settings

3. Click on Permission Settings.

Click on Permission Settings

4. Under Group Visibility, click on the drop-down to select Open Group or Secret Group.

Click on Open Group from Group Visibility *

5. Click Save at the bottom corner of the settings window.

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