The Haystack content editor makes it easy to build beautiful posts, resources, and events with just a few taps on your keyboard.

Formatting text

After you give your post, event, or resource a title, click into the text body and just start typing! Your work will auto-save as you go.

Highlight any text to bring up the menu of styling tools.

You can also highlight and use your favorite keyboard shortcuts to style your text.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + b to bold text.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + i to italicize text.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + u to underline text.

  • With text selected, press cmd/ctrl + k to add a link.

Embedding rich content and media

Use slash commands to add rich content, like images, videos, tables, embeds from Google Drive, and more!

  • Typing / brings up your menu of content options.

  • Add any type of block by typing / and selecting the content type you'd like to add

  • Select the embed options to embed content from Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box, or Dropbox.

4. Continue using your styling tools and slash commands to build out your post.

5. When you're ready, publish!

Adding tags

Tags make it easy for employees to view related content, find content in search, and more. You can add tags anywhere within your content, just as you would on Twitter or Instagram.

  1. In the text compose area, type #. You'll see a list of popular tags.

  2. Begin typing the tag you'd like to add. You'll see the suggested list will update as you type.

  3. Select the tag you'd like to add or create a new one.

  4. Once selected, you'll see the tag will switch colors to confirm it's a linked tag.

  5. Continue creating your post as usual—your tag will appear in your published content!

Use the colon symbol to add emoji's

The : symbol makes make it easier for users to add emoji's to content. The : command will work a lot like our / command in our main editor. Typing : will trigger a 'silent search' where the next characters will search our emoji library. Pressing enter will select that emoji.

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