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Pages are best used for knowledge and documentation, policies, benefits details, company information, and more.

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Haystack pages are a wonderful way to share company information, documentation, processes & procedures, and more. Pages can be shared with the full company or with a specific group.

Private vs Shared Pages

There are two types of pages in Haystack, private and shared.

  • Private pages can be created by all users and are only visible to the page author. Learn more about creating and managing private pages here.

  • Shared pages (regularly referred to as simply "pages") can only be created by those users with content creation permissions and are added to a group to be seen by the group's members. Keep reading to learn all about shared pages!

Page Nesting

Pages have four levels of nesting depth (parent page, child page, grandchild page, and great-grandchild page) so you can best house and organize your content. You'll see options throughout your page creation and management tools to manage this nesting.

Creating a Page

  1. Click Create in the page header (or via any of the +Add Page buttons throughout your workspace).

  2. Select Create Page from the content type selector.

  3. Add in a title and content as needed. If you're adding rich content, take a peek at this helpful editor guide: Using Haystack's Content Editor.

  4. Click the dropdown arrow at the top of the page to select the group in which you'd like to house your page

  5. Use the three-dot button to the right of the save button to configure any special settings.

  6. Click Save to publish your page.

Converting a Private Page to a Shared Page

Please Note: Once a private page has been moved to a public group, it cannot be reversed back into a private page.

  1. Navigate to the private page you'd like convert to a shared page. You'll find this in the Private Pages sections of your All Pages index.

  2. Click the dropdown arrow at the top of the page to select the group in which you'd like to house your page.

  3. Click Save to publish your page — it will be published and shared in the group you selected!

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