We generally release new features and bug fixes around 3 pm PT, but that time is likely to vary. If you're not yet seeing these updates in your account, take a little fresh air walk and check back in a bit.

What's New?

Scheduled Publishing will allow you to draft a post now, but schedule a post for a future date and time. This will make it easier than ever to block time on your calendar for writing—then set it and forget it! Learn more about scheduled publishing here.

Scheduled publishing is only available on posts for now, but will be coming soon to pages and events.

What's Fixed?

  • Challenges toggling the compact toggle on group dashboard Recent Posts cards

  • Stretched group profile image when the uploaded image is not square

  • Incorrect copy on in-app notifications for comment mentions

  • Unintuitive placement of the Must Read button on the activity feed\

  • Broken See All buttons on home dashboard cards

  • Issues moving a set of nested pages to a new group—nested pages were not inheriting new parent group

  • Editing a link with tags removing the existing tags

  • Email notifications for new glossary terms—this should not fire an email notification

  • Empty dropdown menu appearing on post detail pages for all users, even those without edit permissions

Mobile App Updates

Download our mobile apps for iOS and Android to use Haystack on the go.

New Features on Mobile

  • Support for the featured person dashboard card

  • Support for the featured group dashboard card

  • Continued updates to mobile search

We hope you love these new features as much as we do. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at support@haystackteam.com.

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