Creating and Managing Custom Emojis

How to Create a Custom Emoji

All users in your workspace have permission to create custom emojis, which can be used in-line in text and in reactions across the platform!

  1. While creating content (either in a comment or content body), :e to pull up the emoji selector modal.

  2. OR, while reacting to content or a comment, click the Add Reaction button.

  3. Click your workspace icon at the top right corner or scroll down to the bottom of the emoji selector modal.

  4. Click on Add Emoji to the right.

  5. A pop-up screen will appear where you'll upload an image as an emoji and give the emoji a name and click Save.

  6. You've now created a custom emoji to use when creating content and reacting to content!

How to Use a Custom Emoji

As a reaction to content or comments

  1. Navigate to the content where you'd like to leave a reaction and click on the Add Reaction button—it looks like a smiley face.

  2. Use the search bar or scroll down to the bottom of the emoji modal to find the custom emoji you'd like to use.

  3. Click the custom emoji of your choice!

In-line in text

  1. When creating your content—in a post, comment, or elsewhere—type a colon : followed by the name of your emoji. This will open up your emoji selector.

  2. Click on the custom emoji of your choice to insert it in-line.

Managing Custom Emojis as an Admin

Workspace admins have full permission to create, edit, and delete custom emojis as needed. This can be done from your Admin Console. Here's how:

  1. Click the account dropdown in the top right corner of your screen and select Admin Console.

  2. In the left hand navigation menu, click Manage Emojis.

  3. Use the Create Emoji button in the header to add new emojis.

  4. Click on the three-dotted button to the right of each emoji to edit or delete it. Don't forget to click save!

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