October 6, 2022: Release Notes

New features, bug fixes, and product updates from the Haystack team.

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We generally release new features and bug fixes around 3 pm PT, but that time is likely to vary. If you're not yet seeing these updates in your account, treat yourself to a little snack break and check back in a bit.

This release is packed with new features, small (but mighty!) changes, and a ton of bug fixes. We hope you enjoy these updates as much as we do.

What's New?

  • Unsplash Integration. Our friends at Unsplash have built an enormous library of beautiful, free images and photos that can be used for any project. We are so excited to add their library to our content creation tools—making it easier than ever for anyone to create beautiful, visual content, with no photo or design expertise needed!

    To use this integration...

    • Click Unsplash any time you're adding a cover photo or using /image to add visual assets to your content.

    • Use the search bar to find an image you like

    • Click to add it to your content

  • Countdown dashboard card. The countdown calendar dashboard is a fun way to get your team excited for any upcoming events, all-hands meetings, or big announcements. With a configurable title and linked button, you can setup your countdown however you'd like. If you're a workspace admin, visit your Dashboard Card Library to add a countdown to your workspace dashboard.

What's Updated?

  • New Read Status tab on Event insights modals

  • Support for emoji cover photos in the dashboard post carousel

  • Simplified buttons on group profile pages

  • Character counters for small text areas (e.g. profile summary)

  • Confetti animations when adding an emoji reaction

  • Standard default sizes for embedded content

  • Small updates to groups' Add Member modal

What's Fixed?

  • Extra click for SAML SSO if the user logged into IDP but not into Haystack

  • Issues saving group dashboard edit permissions in the group settings modal

  • Misaligned tooltip on in-line URL hover

  • Broken text wrapping on image captions

  • Various fixes to workspace analytics

  • Expiration date displaying on pages where no expiration date has been set

  • Intermittent issues with the Featured Event dashboard card

  • Missing comment body in some comment email notifications

Mobile App Updates

Download our mobile apps for iOS and Android to use Haystack on the go.

New and Updated Features on Mobile

  • Improved @-mention search

  • Support for emoji cover photos

  • Support for add/edit cover photos on group profiles

  • Swipe motion left and right to navigate through group profile pages

Bugs Fixed on Mobile

  • Issues loading pages tab on group profile

  • Issues with cover photos when scrolling on user profiles

  • When creating new content, group selector missing emoji icons

  • Broken edit/save buttons on profile hobbies section

  • Group icon missing on group profile

  • Search discovery page missing people results

  • Ordering issues on featured post carousel

We hope you love these new features as much as we do. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at support@haystackteam.com.

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