Setting Resource Page Expiration Alerts

Learn how to set scheduled reminders to confirm, edit, or delete your resources pages.

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Your most important resource pages likely need to be reviewed for updates on a regular basis. To help you easily govern, maintain, and update your resource pages, we suggest setting resource page expiration dates and alerts.

Setting a Resource Page Expiration Dates and Alerts

To set a page expiration date and alert...

  1. Navigate to the resource page where you'd like to set an expiration date and alert.

  2. Click the three-dot button and select Edit Settings.

  3. Scroll to the Expiration Alerts section of the settings modal.

  4. Click the blue toggle and choose your expiration date on the calendar selector.

  5. To receive an alert before the page expires, click the checkbox next to Notify collaborators... and select the number of days in advance of the page's expiration that you'd like the author to receive an alert.

    Note: In this case, "collaborators" is the resource author alone. In the near future, we'll be adding the ability to include additional people (aka collaborators) to your alert list.

  6. Click the blue save button.

  7. The resource page author will receive an email and in-app notification based on the alert timeline configured!

What Happens When a Resource Page Expires?

Currently, resource expiration dates are built only to drive reminder notifications. When a resource page expires, nothing about the page or its visibility changes. It will continue to exist exactly as-is.

In the future, we're hoping to add some additional automatic workflows here to help lock, hide, or archive expired pages. We'll make updates to this article when needed!

Who Can Set Resource Page Expiration Date and Alerts?

  • Resource authors can set expiration dates and alerts on pages they've authored.

  • Group owners can set resource expiration dates and alerts on the resource pages within their group.

  • Workspace admins and resource admins can set resource expiration dates and alerts on all resource pages in the workspace.

Who Can See Resource Page Expiration Dates?

Resource page expiration dates are visible to all page viewers. The details will be included at the top of the page near the title. Keep in mind, only pages where an expiration date has been set will display this information.

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