The scrolling banner card is a bit different than the other cards on your dashboard. It's narrow in shape and automatically scrolls when viewed—kind of like a news ticker right on your dashboard.

To add the scrolling banner...

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your dashboard and click Add Card.

  2. Select +Add on the Banner card type.

  3. Once your banner has been added to your dashboard, click the three-dot button on the far right and select Setup.

  4. Choose a banner color, add a link if you'd like, and add the text you'd like to be displayed in the banner. The primary and secondary colors pull from your workspace colors. Haystack danger is bright red and best used for emergency alerts.

4. Click Save. You'll see your updates on your dashboard!

A few additional notes:

  • The banner card has a max of 280 characters, but you can include emojis!

  • The text in a banner can be updated as many times as you'd like

  • You can add an unlimited amount of banners to the dashboard

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