Adding a LinkedIn Social Advocacy card to your content

Learn how to add an in-line social sharing card to your posts, events, and resource pages.

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Haystack's social advocacy tool allows you to easily encourage your viewers to share a specific link or image on LinkedIn. This is a powerful tool for company news, announcements, and updates that you'd like to distribute far and wide!

When your viewers click the share button, they'll be taken to a LinkedIn share page with the content fully populated and ready to post on their LinkedIn feed.

When to Use the Social Advocacy Tool

Any time you have news you'd like your employees to share!

  • Product launches

  • Fundraising announcements

  • Open roles

  • Philanthropy efforts

  • Award wins

  • Marketing content

How to Use the Social Advocacy Tool

You can add a social advocacy button to posts, events, and resource pages—anywhere you're using the slash command editor.

  1. When creating content, click into the content body area.

  2. Type a forward slash to open the rich content editor and scroll to select Share to LinkedIn in the Social Advocacy section.

  3. In the Share to LinkedIn modal, add a title for your Social Advocacy card and the link you'd like your employees to share. (ex: blog post link, open role page, fundraising press coverage, product launch info, etc.)

  4. Click save and you'll see the social advocacy card added in-line in your content.

  5. Publish your content as usual!

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