Customizing your Workspace Navigation

Customize your workspace navigation to best fit the needs of your team!

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Your custom workspace navigation toolset makes it easy to organize, name, and link your navigation bar in the way that best suits your team and use case. Organize in the way you best see fit, customize with the lingo that your team recognizes, and add external links to other internal tools.

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Customizing Your Workspace Navigation

Follow along with the video below to learn all about customization your workspace navigation.

Customizing Your Primary Page

The primary page is the first thing the user sees when loading the workspace. Whenever a user clicks on your workspace logo they will be taken to this page.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow at the top righthand corner of your account.

  2. Select Admin Console from the dropdown.

Step 3 screenshot

3. In the lefthand menu. click on Customize Navigation

Step 4 screenshot

5. From the dropdown, select the page that you'd like to set as primary.

6. Click Save at the bottom of the page!

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