There are a number of resource settings available to workspace and resource admins that make it easy to manage, organize, and maintain your resources.

Featured Resources

Admins have the ability to feature specific resources pages (or sub-pages), which pins them to the top of every employee's resource page index. We suggest featuring welcome pages, employee handbooks, strategic plans, mission & vision pages—the information that every employee needs to access. Pages can also be unfeatured at any time, so it's a perfect place to pin time-based resources like open enrollment information of holiday time-off policies.

To feature a page, visit any resource page and click the ellipsis settings button, and select Feature Page.

Drag-and-Drop Reordering

If you're an admin or a group owner, you can easily use the resource index to reorder resources throughout the platform. To do so...

  1. Visit the main resources page via your header navigation.

  2. In the left-hand resources index, find the area of resources you'd like to reorder — remember, they'll be nested within groups. You can use the > to fly open nested resources.

  3. Then, click and drag as needed to re-order your resource pages.

Workspace admins can also reorder your featured resources to ensure the most important is always at the top!

Freshness Scores

Freshness scores help resource authors quickly identify how recently a resource has been updated and whether or not it may need an update. You'll see the freshness % score at the top of each resource page:

Freshness scores start at 100% when a resource page is created or edited—and decays down to 0% over a period of 12 months.

Verified Resources

Marking a resource as verified gives your employees confidence that they're viewing the most up-to-date, correct information.

To mark a resource as verified, visit any resource page and click the ellipsis settings button, and select Verify Page.

Once verified, you can always un-verify a page or re-verify a page, which will bump its freshness score back to 100%.

Disable Comments

By default, your resources pages are accompanied by a comment field where all views can leave comments, questions, etc. If you'd like to turn this field off, you can do so in your page settings.

To disable comments, visit any resource page, click the ellipsis settings button, and check the Disable Comments box.

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