By default, your workspace has one group that is required for all members. You're likely using this for your All Company or All Hands content. Using your group settings, you're welcome to create additional required groups as needed.

Groups that are required for all members will...

  • Add all workspace members current and future as group members

  • Prevent group members from leaving the group

Note: Only Workspace Admins can mark groups as required for all workspace members.

How to Make a Group Required for All Workspace Members

  1. From your account dropdown menu, select Admin Console.

  2. In the lefthand navigation, select Manage Groups.

  3. Scroll down to navigate the second section of the page titled Manage Groups, where you'll see a list of your groups along with their status, group type, and member count.

  4. Click the three-dot button to the right of the group you'd like to make it required for all members and select Mark as Required. This will automatically add all members of your workspace to the group—and will prevent them from leaving.

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