Your Haystack people page is a wonderful place to learn more about your colleagues, search for a specific teammate, and celebrate upcoming milestones.

View your people page.

1. To view your people page, simply click People in the main navigation head.

Keep in mind, your admin team may have customized your workspace to reflect your company lingo. For example, at Haystack, our workspace uses "Haystackers" instead of "People."

2. Select Directory from the dropdown.

View people milestone lists.

Your people page includes fun and helpful lists of people milestones, including new hires, upcoming birthdays, and upcoming anniversaries. To view these lists, simply select the list you'd like to see in the lefthand menu. You'll see the lists will auto-sort by date for easy browsing.

Filter by profile details.

Getting to know your team often starts with shared hobbies and history—or maybe you're looking for a team member with a specific skill. In both cases, the filters on your people page make it easy to find connections and expertise across your company. Haystack offers filters by the role, ask me about, work history, and language fields from our user profiles.

To use and access the filters, simply visit your people page and use the filters in the lefthand menu. As you select the filters, you'll see the people list update accordingly.

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