As your workspace is populated with content, you may want to be able to browse, find, and scan through content quickly. Your feeds' compact view toggle lets you easily switch back and forth from the full view to a compact view of your activity feed, posts feed, and events feed.

Turning on the compact view

  1. Use your header navigation to visit your Activity, Posts, or Events feed.

  2. Click on the Compact toggle to show the content in the compact view. The compact view will display the feed with a few VIP details:

    1. Title of the Content

    2. Group Name

    3. Author Name

    4. Date

Turning off the compact view

  1. Simply click the Compact toggle again! When the toggle is off, the view will revert back to the full of view of the feed.

*Please note: All users' feeds will default to the full view of the content, but they're welcome to customize to their liking.

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