The audio introduction on your profile is a great way to introduce yourself to your colleagues and share a bit about yourself—we find it's especially helpful to share how your name is pronounced, the nicknames you prefer, and your pronouns. Have a little fun and make it personal.

Add an audio introduction to your profile.

To add an audio introduction clip to your profile...

1. Click the dropdown arrow at the top righthand corner of your screen and click on your name.

2. Click the Edit Profile button in your profile header.

3. At the bottom of the edit window, click the Record Welcome Message button.

4. Select to Choose Audio, which will allow you to upload an audio file OR Record Audio, which will allow you to record right from your Haystack window. NOTE: If you select to record you will need to give Haystack permission to access your microphone—you'll see the option to do this in a browser window pop-up.

5. Once your audio file is complete, click Save.

6. Then, click Update at the bottom of your profile edit window. Your audio introduction will be added to your profile—you can find it by visiting your profile and clicking the speaker icon to the right or your name.

Listen to a team member's audio introduction.

To listen to a team member's audio introduction...

1. Navigate to their profile page. You can do this by clicking on their name or image anywhere on the platform—or via search!

2. Click the speaker icon to the right of their name to play their audio introduction. If you don't see the speaker icon, it's because they've not yet added an intro.

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