We generally release new features and bug fixes around 3 pm PT, but that time is likely to vary. If you're not yet seeing these updates in your account, treat yourself to a latte and check back in a bit.

This week's release is a bit lighter than most as our product and engineering teams focus on some longer-term projects—more on that later this month! Until then, this release is packed full of small updates and bug fixes.

What's Updated?

  • Ability to adjust/reposition cover photos on user profiles

  • Small design updates to the Recent Posts dashboard card to better accommodate long group names

  • Support for Featured Person card on group dashboards

  • Support for @-mentions in photo captions and callouts

  • Updates to @-mention formatting to better indicate that it's a workspace-internal link.

What's Fixed?

  • Display issues with compact view on the Recent Posts group dashboard card

  • Intermittent issues with search results on the Groups page

  • Issues adding mailto: hyperlinks to in-line text

  • Issues with embedded PDF display when moving between pages that have multiple PDF embeds

  • Intermittent issues with broken images when creating content with large image files

  • Issues with self-sign-up via verified domain

Mobile App Updates

Download our mobile apps for iOS and Android to use Haystack on the go.

New and Updated Features on Mobile

  • Support for email magic link sign-in via mobile app

  • Improved all-pages and page detail view

  • Support for private links

  • Better support for threaded replies in comments

Bugs Fixed on Mobile

  • Group profile picture scale display issues

  • Featured links order not matching web display

  • Design smoothing for emoji-created cover photos and image assets

We hope you love these new features as much as we do. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at support@haystackteam.com.

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