We generally release new features and bug fixes around 3 pm PT, but that time is likely to vary. If you're not yet seeing these updates in your account, treat yourself to a latte and check back in a bit.

What's New?

GIPHY Integration. We are so excited to add the amazing GIPHY library to our content creation tools! This integration makes it easier than ever for you to add fun and engaging GIFs to your in-line content, header images, profile, and more.

To use this integration...

  • Click Giphy any time you're adding a cover photo or using /image to add visual assets to your content

  • Use the search bar to find the GIF you like

  • Click to add it to your content

We've used GIPHY's content rating tools to ensure all GIFs available through this integration are rate G and safe for work.

What's Updated?

  • Featured Group and Featured Person dashboard cards now inherit the group and user cover image

  • New Show More modal on sidebar filters throughout the platform

  • Interface updates to selectable buttons for single-select and multi-select continuity

  • Auto-conversion for popular emojis. Ex: :D will automatically become 😄

  • Improved edit/delete tools to manage hyperlinked text

  • New notifications for threaded comment replies

What's Fixed?

  • Redirect issues for provisioned users' initial sign-in, returning them to the sign-in page instead of to the workspace

  • Unexpected new tab behavior when clicking on in-line images

  • Spacing issues between paragraphs in comments

  • Event calendar icon date does not match the set event date

  • Emoji-type cover photos not correctly displaying in emails

  • Scheduled post emails intermittently missing email body

  • Various fixes to workspace analytics

  • Deactivated users displaying on the global map

  • Long cache time on user profile manager updates

  • Anniversary dashboard not populating upcoming anniversaries

Mobile App Updates

Download our mobile apps for iOS and Android to use Haystack on the go.

New and Updated Features on Mobile

  • Ability to view private pages

  • Swipe actions to clear in-app notifications

  • Improved All Links design

Bugs Fixed on Mobile

  • Table display issues

We hope you love these new features as much as we do. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at support@haystackteam.com.

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