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Adding Term Packs to Your Haystack Glossary
Adding Term Packs to Your Haystack Glossary
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This article is for users of the Haystack Glossary tool. If you are looking for help with the glossary section of your Haystack Intranet workspace, please visit this Help Desk article here.

Haystack Glossary term packs make it easy to add theme-, industry-, or vertical-specific, pre-defined terms to your Glossary.

Adding and removing term packs.

  1. Click the dropdown arrow to the right of the Create Term button and select Haystack Term Packs.

  2. On the Term Packs page, use the toggles to add or remove term packs from your Glossary.

  3. Once your packs are live in your Glossary, the pack-related terms will be marked accordingly on the term detail page.

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