In your workspace, you'll find two types of analytics: workspace insights and post insights.

  • Workspace Insights will provide you with high-level analytics on activity in your workspace. Learn more about workspace insights here.

  • Post Insights will provide you with detailed and granular analytics on each post within your workspace.

📌 In Summer 2022, we'll be releasing a brand new workspace analytics dashboard as well as insights pages for resources pages and events. Stay tuned for updates!

Viewing Post Insights

1. Visit the post for which you'd like to review analytics.

2. Click on the three-dot button and select Insights

3. This will open your post insights window

Understanding Post Insights

Your post insights page includes three tabs, which you'll see on the lefthand side of the insights window.


The overview tab includes cumulative analytics about the post.

  • Unique Read (% Chart): Percentage of the audience who has viewed the post (via web or email)

  • Web Metrics capture analytics around behavior on the web.

    • Unique Views: How many users viewed the post

    • All views: Total number of times the post has been viewed

    • Audience: The member count for the group in which the post was published

    • Comments: The number of comments on the post

    • Reactions: The number of emoji reactions on the post

  • Email Metrics capture analytics around behavior on email notifications.

    • Send: Number of email notifications sent about the post

    • Delivered: Number of email notifications successfully delivered

    • Failed: Number of emails notifications unsuccessfully delivered

    • Views: Number of times email notifications have been opened

    • Unique View: Unique number of users who have opened the email notification

Read Status

The read status tab shows granular details about who has and has not read the post.

  • Search Bar: Use the search bar to search for specific users

  • Read Status Drop-Down: Use the read status drop-down to file the list by status.

  • Check Box: Use the check box at the top of the list to select users and re-send email notifications if needed.

Post History

The post history tab shows the date and time history of emails sent to users. Click View Analytics to see specific analytics around the send.

If you have specific questions about goals and best practices around analytics, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Haystack contact or

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