We generally release new features and bug fixes around 3 pm PT, but that time is likely to vary. If you're not yet seeing these updates in your account, treat yourself to an afternoon autumn walk and check back in later.

What's new?

  • Resources Page Redesign
    We've heard from a number of you that you're eager for a better visual index of their all-company and group resource pages. After a number of design explorations and user interviews, we've updated our resources page to include just that!

  • 🔉Audio Introductions & Name Pronunciations on Profiles
    The brand new audio introduction tool on your profile is a great way to introduce yourself to your colleagues and share a bit about yourself, how your name is pronounced, and the nicknames and pronouns you use. Learn more about adding an audio introduction to your profile here.

  • Ability to Disable Comments on Resource Pages
    In some cases, it might not be appropriate for a resource page to include the comment functionality. In these cases, you now have the ability to disable comments. Learn more about disabling comments on resource pages here.

  • Refreshed Design for Posts and Events in Your Feed
    If you take a peek at your feed, you'll see that posts and events have an updated look. The new designs make it easier than ever to join the conversation with a comment or emoji reaction. You'll also see that you can preview existing comments right in the feed.

What's fixed?

Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! This week's release is absolutely jam-packed with bug fixes.

  • Issues moving images with attached captions

  • End users seeing empty state prompts on group pages

  • Broken event attendee .csv download when even name contains special characters

  • Issues publishing when using a template without making changes

  • Broken group owner and "as us about" links on group pages

  • Odd spacing when building to-do lists

  • Visibility of connected app prompts in user onboarding even when connected app search is disabled

  • Event and post image thumbnails cropping strangely on user profiles

  • Incorrect anniversary celebration on user profiles

  • Inability to add a #tag to text formatted with a callout

  • Inability to add #tags and @mentions in user and group profile sections

  • Broken left navigation search box on the search results page

  • Issues saving an event as a draft when no start date has been selected

We hope you love these new features as much as we do. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out at support@haystackteam.com.

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