The posts in your all-company group are some of the most important pieces of content on the platform. These posts appear in the feeds and notifications for your entire team and should house your company's most important, exciting, and engaging internal news.

To help you get started, we've compiled a list of the kinds of posts our most successful teams include in their all-company group:


  • Employee Newsletter

  • Major Company Milestones

  • OKR Progress Reports

  • Strategic Updates

  • Memos from Leadership

  • All Hands Notes


  • New Hire Announcements

  • Anniversary Announcements

  • Employee Awards

  • Promotion Announcements


  • Software Updates

  • Security Action Items


  • Press Coverage

  • Company Awards

  • Blog Posts

  • Partnership Announcements


  • Employee Resource Group News

  • Learning & Development Opportunities

  • Cultural Events (Black History Month, AAPI Month, Pride Month, etc)


  • New Policies & Procedures

  • Open Enrollment

  • Performance Review Announcements & Info

  • Engagement Survey Announcement & Results

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