In your workspace, you'll find two types of analytics: workspace insights and post insights.

  • Workspace Insights will provide you with high-level analytics on activity in your workspace.

  • Post Insights will provide you with detailed and granular analytics on each post within your workspace. Learn more about post insights here.

📌 In Summer 2022, we'll be releasing a brand new workspace analytics dashboard as well as insights pages for resources pages and events. Stay tuned for updates!

Viewing Workspace Insights

To view your workspace analytics, you must be a workspace admin. If so, follow these steps:

1. Click the dropdown arrow in the top right corner of your account and select Admin Console.

2. You'll find your analytics on the Workspace Insights page of your admin console.

Understanding Workspace Insights

When viewing workspace health these three thresholds will help you determine how the workspace is being utilized by users.

  • Workspace Health: Your workspace healthy is listed in the top right corner of the page.

    📌 Keep in mind that these health scores are just guidelines and might not be the best indicator of health for your team or your workspace use case, especially if you have just launched your workspace. For help navigating your analytics and identifying success metrics, please reach out to your Haystack contact or

    • Great Health: 80-100%

    • Good Health: 60-80% active users

    • Fair Health: 50-60% active users

    • Poor Health: Below 50% active users

  • Profile Picture Added: Percentage of users who have added a photo to their profile

  • Active Users: Percentage of users who have activated their health

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